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What We Offer

- Sept 24th- 2018 Travel Team Tryouts
- Dec 17th our E2: Lacrosse Clinic
- Jan 21st- Winter Evaluation Day (Final travel team placements)
- Feb 11th- First Day of Season (Travel Teams and Development Teams)
- Apr 15th - May 20th Youth Spring League

SUMMER TRAVEL TEAM- Regular season

- Beginning February 11th 2018 thru July 28th
- Travel Teams are made by High School graduation years. Our players play in the year they just finished in school for example:
    - 2019- Juniors
    - 2020- Sophomores
    - 2021- Freshman
    - 2022/23- 8th/7th graders
    - 2024/25- 6th/5th graders

- Players will be placed on teams based upon Age and Skill level. We believe in allowing players to play at their proper age group to even the competitive playing level. While, some players are more talented than others, we allow our coaches to evaluate the player and place them on the appropriate teams.


- We offer a development program for all players that either DO NOT make or DO NOT try-out for the travel team.
- Our development program consists of all of the practices and training with a team in their age group and all of the team bonding activities. They do not go to the tournaments or get a team uniform.
- Our goal is to work with the Development team to help them achieve their lacrosse goals and build high level skills for them to either make the travel team the following year or to get better for their high school teams.
- The cost difference is the team cost, minus the cost of the tournaments and uniform. If a player on the tournament team is not able to make the commitment or injury then a player on the development team is given the opportunity to be promoted to the travel team. If they are chosen

Our fall program offers girls off season training to keep up their skills.  
Details: - Sept. 10th - Nov. 5th
- Ages: K-12th grade
- K-4th grade will be a beginner level training on the basics of lacrosse.  We will advance the training based on the skill level
- Our teams are built 10U, 5/6th, 7/8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and Alumni Teams
- Sunday Practices: 10am-Noon at Sweet Home HS
- 2 Tournaments

 Continued off season training.
October 29th - Dec 10th: in the Sahlen's HS Fall Session (Sunday Evenings)
E2: Empress Lacrosse Clinic (info under- December 17th- Events>Clinics)
Sahlen's HS Winter Session- January 12th - Feb 19th (Sunday Evenings)

*All off season activities are open to all interested players.

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